Update: Red Dead Redemption Fixes Crash Issues Just Before It’s Steam Launch This Week

Update: Red Dead Redemption Fixes Crash Issues Just Before It’s Steam Launch This Week
Credit: Pineapple via YouTube

One can attest to the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 is absolutely stunning on PC. Especially if using the requisite hardware, the game can be so overwhelmingly good looking.

According to the developers working on the game, they stated: ‘there’s not much in the way of new gameplay, but Red Dead Redemption 2 can be visually appealing on PC. With promising tech on the horizon, scalable graphics option for future computers, improved negative input latency, and the ever-expanding scene, Red Dead Redemption is going to continue to shine in the coming years. ‘

Lamentably, many have found the game experience to be plagued by issues, crashes, lighting, instability, texture, and more. Some players reported having seen texture pop-ups and likes. However, the development team has patched the collisions with a few updates based on the crashes players experienced. Listed below is a rundown of the updates and fixes in the recent patch:

New Fixes
• Fixed the issue that results in a crash when running out of memory.
• Improvements on the issue that resulted in permanent loss of progress and potential save corruption when the players try to sign out of their Social club account when still in story mode.
• They Fixed the issue that resulted in a crash whenever users visit the landing page upon the game’s startup.
• Improvements on issues that resulted in imperfect lighting of fur/hair upon setting the Resolution Scale graphical is set higher than its native resolution.
• Fixed the issue that resulted in a crash during initial startup for specific hardware setup
• Resolved an issue that results in random crashes while playing the game on systems utilizing an Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card.
• Fixed an issue that resulted in instability on specific systems running on some Windows 10 version 1090—November update
• Also, fixed problems that lead into a crash whenever players ignite the Benchmark Tool on low-end systems.
• Fixed audio stuttering/stalling when the game is running at high framerates
• Fixed issues relating to pixelated/blocky artifacts with poor rendering during certain cut-scenes.
• Resolved issue that has to do with the rendering and lightning artifacts anytime the screen space ambient occlusion is on to Ultra Mode
• Solved problems that resulted in crashes of the lightning and rendering on some systems during gameplay.
• Finally, the developers fixed issues that amounted to random crashes when playing the game in Red Dead Online and Story Mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an immersive but ultimately unamusing game. That’s significantly due to the monotonous and repetitive works that are so pervasive in the game. However, when the fluff and filler words yank out, and just the story, there’s a lot to enjoy in this game. For starter, the game is available on PC. It is on Rockstar’s store and other Epic Game Stores, also be on the lookout as it is set to launch on the Steam platform later this week.