Bethesda Pushes Back The Elder Scrolls: Blades Nintendo Switch Release

Bethesda Pushes Back The Elder Scrolls: Blades Nintendo Switch Release
Credit: Elder Scroll Blades Website

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a spin-off of The Elder Scrolls series, following Oblivion. It was released earlier in 2019 and is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

Bethesda planned to release the title on the Nintendo Switch in FAll 2019 but has run into some issues.

Elder Scrolls fans probably recognize the name. The Blades, or Imperial Intelligence Service, serve the Dragonborn. They have made an appearance in every game following Daggerfall but have not yet appeared in Elder Scroll Online.

According to the official Nintendo switch game page: “From Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Skyrim, comes The Elder Scrolls: Blades – a classic dungeon crawler reimagined. The Blades, the Empire’s top agents, are forced into exile. On the run, you return to your hometown to find it destroyed.”

The game features quests, creating and customizing cities, Arena battles, custom character creators, and a unique combat system.

Bethesda recently posted significant updates to the game in the “Blades Town Hall” news post. Update 1.5 contains substantial changes. Bethesda hopes to roll out the update sometime this month.

The most significant update is the removal of chest timers. When players find a chest, they can delve into the contents immediately without having to wait for hours or longer.

Enemies also drop more loot, so players will have to ensure they have enough room in their inventory to collect it all. Bosses drops have also improved. They now drop even better loot.

Another significant change is the PvP Arena. Players level 5 and higher can fight one-on-one against other players. Each match contains three rounds with the leaderboards keeping score.

Bethesda has rolled back the release of The Elder Scrolls: Blades on the Nintendo Switch even later. They plan to release it sometime in 2020, but an official date has not been announced.

The team explained that there are still some issues to be resolved with the Nintendo Switch release. They want to make sure the game has a smooth roll-out, so they’re taking extra time to check for quality. All of the previous updates will be included in the Nintendo Switch version.

The news update did confirm that PvP Arena battles will be cross-platform so that Nintendo Switch players can compete against mobile gamers.