Update: Divinity-Original Sin II Released A 3rd Gift Bag Containing Awesome Stuff For Everyone

Update: Divinity-Original Sin II Released A 3rd Gift Bag Containing Awesome Stuff For Everyone
Credit: Larian Studios via YouTube

Recently, Larian studios released their 3rd DLC for Divinity: Original Sin 2, which comes with a gift box. Now players can enjoy the excellent features which contain some lovely goodies. So, players can fire up the game and view the latest DLC drop.

This new DLC is called Order and Magic. It’s the 3rd DLC release to be used in all versions of the game across all platforms. Players can get the contents of the Gift Bag by the in-game options, and enabling or disabling each independent feature. Also, the items work with all the Gift Bags ever released (Beauty Salon and Song of Nature), and there’s no limit to enabling each feature.

Larian Studios 3rd DLC contains six new features along with the developers’ notes that can be enabled or disabled individually, as stated earlier. Although this strictly depends on whether the vanilla experience is suitable or give in to their additive glory.

For starters, listed below are the things found in Gift Bag 3:

Pet Power: this feature enhances the summoning class and its infusion jinx. Players can cast infusion spells/jinx on all available summonses, not just the players’ incarnate. Also, each summons gets several skills that depend on the basal element type.

Nine Lives (BLACK CAT+): Now, players can change who their cat follows. This feature technically transforms the Black Cat into a follower. This way, players can know if their cat gets lost or who it follows upon changing it.

Combat Randomizer: In combat, one of the opponents would receive one of the new statues feature built for this model. The fight now will be different from what players expect, because each battle will present a new challenge.

Inventory keeps: Now, players can host all their inventories automatically in individual bags.

Hagglers: Players can unleash their bargaining power with this new feature when talking to traders. This only works by the skill and reputation of a player’s entire crew. The higher the qualification and status, the lesser payment.

Potent Artifacts: Players can now locate creepy vendors selling exotic and potent artifacts in significant hubs. These potions/artifacts can enhance a character’s ability with miraculous power, raising them to match the current level.

That’s not all. There’s more good news if it’s played on Nintendo Switch: players can invite friends with the new invite feature.

For example, choose a friend who’d like to join, and once they accept, they’d enter the scenery, whether it’s the first level or half-way across levels of the game.