Upcoming Mischief Night Seasonal One Week Event Brings Halloween Celebrations To Fallout 76

Upcoming Mischief Night Seasonal One Week Event Brings Halloween Celebrations To Fallout 76
Credit: Fallout 76 Website

Fallout 76 had a slow launch with not much content to enjoy. Most of that content had to be enjoyed with a friend or stranger. Bethesda hasn’t given up on the currently always-online experience by continuing to update the game with new events.

Bethesda recently announced a community event to bring Fallout 76 players together, just in time for the year’s spookiest holiday, Halloween.

Fallout 76 will soon celebrate Mischief Night. While the name of the event implies it’s only for a single night, the celebration is a public event that will happen for one week.

The official website teases some of the mayhem your Vault Dweller can get into: “JES-2R, an Eyebot that seems to have had a few wires knocked loose, is planning to gather up groups of devious Dwellers to run wild at the Whitespring. Gather with other troublemakers at the Mischief Pyre near the Springhouse Gazebo for an explosive tour of the resort’s park, cottages, and of course, its immaculate Courtyard. Give the guards a fright along the way by blowing up cars, expressing your artistic side on walls, and forking the lawns, among other activities. You can even stop by candy bowls at the cottages to try your luck for a delightful treat, or a nasty trick.”

Players won’t get away with their tricks without the potential for danger. Whitespring’s Elite Security Force will be patrolling the streets and may become hostile upon witnessing any bad behavior.

If gamers manage to escape the guards, there are a plethora of awards. Completing all of JES-2R’s quests will net players extra XP and Halloween-themed loot, such as costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and more.

Players wearing an existing costume from the game to complete the quests will earn even more awards. These costumes may come from the Atomic Shop or received in-game. Gamers will receive double the progress on their path to complete JES-2R’s objectives.

Mischief Night will begin every hour. Since it’s available to all players, it will be free to fast travel to Whitesprings to enjoy the festivities. The event is replayable, so players can take full advantage of the extra XP and loot.

Players who don’t wish to participate can simply ignore the hourly calls to create mischief.

Fallout 76’s Mischief Night seasonal event will be held from October 29, 12:00 PM ET to November 5, 12:00 PM ET.