Ubisoft’s Popular For Honor Is Currently Free For A Week On The Uplay Platform

Ubisoft’s Popular For Honor Is Currently Free For A Week On The Uplay Platform
Credit: GameCheck via YouTube

It’s always nice to receive a free game from a major developer. These free offerings are happening more often as developers try to let a wider audience experience their hard work. One of the better games being offered for free at the moment is For Honor. This action game developed by Ubisoft was a massive success when it first released. Even still, it’s a great game that lets you experience combat from different historical factions — including the samurai, vikings, and knights.

Ubisoft has offered the game for free several times in the past. If you’ve missed out on those opportunities, you can now visit the Uplay digital distribution system. Free Honor will be free on this platform for roughly a week. You don’t want to pass up this insane warrior action.

Ubisoft Montreal did a phenomenal job at highlighting these three different factions. They’re so iconic and have blazed a trail all throughout history. The game is shot from a third-person perspective. It’s needed so that you can see enemies approaching your warrior from all angles. The game’s combat is described as hack-and-slash, but it’s more dynamic than that.

The defensive aspect is particularly unique. Instead of just holding a button to block, you have to guess which action the opponent is going to do. Only then can you successfully block an attack and fire back with a counter if you so choose.

There is a good bit of variety in terms of the warriors in each faction. Some characters are slower and designed to take a lot of damage, while others are much more nimble and able to counter more effectively.The character variety gives you plenty of options in terms of how you want to approach combat.

The game receives updates on a consistent basis. The most recent one — Marching Fire Expansion — added a fourth warrior faction to the mix called Wu Lin. You now have 24 warriors to choose from.

The multiplayer modes are also diverse. Duel is particularly popular, which has you battle it out against another opponent. To win, you must kill them three times. Dominion is also a fan-favorite right now. It’s a 4v4 mode where your team tries to capture and maintain battle zones.

If you have a PC, you can’t go wrong adding For Honor to your collection for free. The story is captivating, the multiplayer modes will keep you entertained, and the vicious combat will have you coming back for more. This Uplay deal is a limited time only thing, so now’s the time to act if you wan’t to avoid paying full price.