Ubisoft Says Goodbye To The Nintendo Wii With Just Dance 2020 Release

Ubisoft Says Goodbye To The Nintendo Wii With Just Dance 2020 Release
Credit: Just Dance 2020 Official Website

Just Dance 2020 launched on November 5 on a variety of consoles. It will also be one of the first titles on the Google Stadia.

Many were surprised when the new game was also released on the Nintendo Wii, which is now two-generations old.

Ubisoft made it clear that they’re finished releasing new titles for the older console. Just Dance 2020 is the last game the publisher will release on the Wii. This news doesn’t mean that Nintendo is done with the Wii, but Ubisoft is ready to move on.

Nintendo has already stopped producing new Nintendo Wii console in 2013, though most gamers who want one could easily find one in a second-hand shop. There are still many games on the Wii to enjoy that never made it to other consoles.

While the Just Dance series has been available on multiple consoles, it continued to be a hit with Wii players.

Gamers on Twitter shared their stories of why Ubisoft may have continued releasing new titles on the older system.

Twitter user @alienaishas said, “Many hospitals and rehab centers use the Just Dance games to help patients who have limited mobility due to accident or illness build up strength and muscle tone, etc. These hospitals purchased Wiis for this purpose and are still using them to this day!”

Ubisoft explained that the decision was due to their player base. Many of those who love the series are children and their families. They may not have access to a newer console, and since Just Dance series continued to be released on the Wii, there was no reason to upgrade.

The WiiU didn’t receive the same treatment from Ubisoft. The publisher surprisingly did not release Just Dance 2020 on the WiiU, while the 2019 edition was available. Nintendo ceased production of the console a few years ago, but new digital titles occasionally release on the console.

Ubisoft is the only publisher who has released new titles on the Wii in the past three years, thanks to Just Dance.

Nintendo did not confirm nor deny Ubisoft’s statement.

Just Dance 2020 is now available for the Nintendo Switch, Wii, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Over 40 new tracks were added, from Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” to Pinkfong’s YouTube hit “Baby Shark.”