Ubisoft Running Balancing Tests For Rainbow Six Siege Over Perceived Nerfs And Buffs

Ubisoft Running Balancing Tests For Rainbow Six Siege Over Perceived Nerfs And Buffs
Credit: H2ODelirious via YouTube

Rainbow Six Siege is running a test to balance the nerfs and buffs that users have noted in recent weeks.

The test server is related to the Phantom Sight patch that was released last month. Ubisoft programmers have concentrated the test to operators after listening to the complaints from gamers.

For instance, the hip-fire is not going to be as accurate as before. When you have a ballistic shield, the hip-fire penalization is increased. Meanwhile, when you perform a melee attack, and you have your Ballistic Shield equipped, the damage is reduced. Instead of killing the opponent, they will only sustain injuries.

Among the changes to the Rainbow Six Siege operators include:

● The durability length is buffed to 12 seconds, along with the refill timer
● The longer length, as well as the cooldown, will allow players to maximize her ability

● The effects of the Yokai Sonic Burst is nerfed from 10 seconds to 7 seconds

● The number of pings from a scan is reduced to 4 from the original 5
● The tracking is now 20 seconds ping for every 4 seconds
● The tracking time is also cut down by 4 seconds (initial ping over 20 seconds from the initial ping over 25 seconds

● It’s not as easy to trigger vision penalty when you move or rotate. The vision penalty is nerfed upon movement
● The movement time buffed to 6 seconds from 2.5 seconds before losing complete vision
● The speed of the vision penalty when rotating has slowed down

● Sound effects for breaching torch is now more pronounced
● You can now hear more easily the sounds of the breaching torch when Maverick is carving a hole close to another operator

Among the fixes for the test server include:

1. The weapons not reloading after the magazine empties
2. A player who just joined can’t see the display on the Mozzie drones or Yokai drones after hacking
3. Players can spawn peek, especially at the Docks
4. The inability to reconnect, especially to a Ranked session, unless they relaunch
5. Missing sound effects for Clash when wearing the CCE Shield
6. A 10 second-display can be seen for the idle kick timer
7. Reverse friendly fire points will accumulate quickly if you sustain chip damage courtesy of another teammate

Players are encouraged to report all the bugs they encounter in Rainbow Six Siege during the test server period. Ubisoft also said that not all the changes would be adopted in the long-term after the test server.