Tynan Sylvester Announces The Many Possible Futures Of Colony Simulator RimWorld

Tynan Sylvester Announces The Many Possible Futures Of Colony Simulator RimWorld
Credit: Tynan Sylvester via YouTube

With the 1.1 patch just recently landing along with a surprise first expansion DLC called RoyaltyRimWorld seems poised to continue its monumental momentum while basking in the effervescent joy that is finding an eager audience jumping for more content.

It’s noticeably one of the few times that Tynan is talking about what players can expect in the future, concerned that development can change quickly and will ultimately leave fans dissatisfied as there is a discrepancy between what was intended, and what occurred.  Seems like Ludeon Studios watched the beautiful disaster that was No Man’s Sky and learned a few lessons in how not to do PR.

Yet here we are regardless, and it seems Tynan is finally willing to talk, at least a little bit, about the future in the latest blog post from the man himself on Ludeon’s own website.

First, Ludeon is going to continue to push out hotfixes in regards to 1.1 and RimWorld Royalty.  They’ve pushed four so far across Steam, with the latest landing just yesterday.  The hotfixes aren’t necessarily clustered in regards to content, it’s just bug-swatting as the developers stumble across reports and work on fixing them.  Ludeon is asking players to continue to report bugs as they come across them to ensure a more stable experience moving forwards for everyone.

Of course, ensure it’s a bug with RimWorld and not one of the thousands of mods available for it.

Looking forwards, Ludeon Studios is planning on releasing more content, although the vast majority will be a content increase to RimWorld Royalty, rather than the base game.  It’s likely short-term in a grand view of things, so don’t be too disappointed if you’ve opted to bypass Royalty for the time being and the next update isn’t nearly as large for you as 1.1 was.  It’s doubtful that Ludeon Studios will go the way of Capcom with Monster Hunter World, dividing the have’s and have-nots.

Beyond RimWorld Royalty, all Tynan is willing to venture in regards to future updates is that there will be a version 1.2 ‘someday’.  While there is no content being outlined for what 1.2 could contain, and arguably the farthest thing from a planned release date, Ludeon Studios repeats its commitment to ensuring that they aren’t breaking mods unnecessarily with the updates. With documentation that will accompany future builds for modders to peruse, Ludeon Studios might be the most mod-friendly studio currently out there in the industry.

Still, overall, the post reads well for fans of RimWorld, as it ought to.  The game has been tremendously successful, and gamers could likely count on one hand the number of developers that could release a surprise DLC and not be flayed by the backlash.  Looks like there are more crimes against humanity in the future for all of us.