More Gameplay Of Half-Life: Alyx Has Surfaced Showing The Environments And Different Actions

More Gameplay Of Half-Life: Alyx Has Surfaced Showing The Environments And Different Actions
Credit: Valve via YouTube

It’s rare to find a more beloved series than the Half-Life franchise. Gamers enjoy these first-person shooters with extreme passion. From the lore to the great visuals, Half-Life games just have a lot going for them. It has now been quite a while since Half-Life 2 released.

Many have waited anxiously for a follow-up, and finally, they’re getting one in Half-Life: Alyx. It’s not the third installment that many were hoping for, but this VR experience seems to have a lot going for it right now. So far, we’ve seen a little bit of gameplay showing the mechanics and some of the environments.

Now, we have even more videos to break down courteousy of the developer, Valve. They couldn’t have come at a better time considering this VR game releases in just a couple of weeks. In the videos, we get a better look at some of the environments you’ll be navigating around. You’ll certainly feel right at home if you’re familiar with the Half-Life series.

There appears to be a lot of variety and all sorts of objects you’ll be able to interact with for different purposes. For example, there is a gas canister sitting on the ground next to some sort of tentacle monster. Alyx grabs it with her gravity gloves — which look like one of her most helpful resources — and flings it at one of the tentacles. As the monster proceeds to eat it, she shoots it and it explodes. These are the sort of environmental interactions you’ll get to experience while dealing with the various threats in this game.

The other videos show Alyx traversing through City 17 and fighting soldiers of the Combine. The gameplay sequences certainly are not lacking in the immersion department. Wielding Alyx’s pistol or going in for some brutal attacks with the shotgun are actions that look very responsive. The VR technology on display should give Half-Life fans a unique experience that could take this long-running series to new heights.

Half-Life Alyx isn’t just about shooting everything you come across. There will be obstacles put in your way that require you use some critical-thinking. Solving puzzles — for example — is sometimes necessary to reach another area. The diversity in actions you’ll get to perform should keep you intrigued the entire time.

These recent videos are showing a lot of promise for this VR experience set between Half-Life and Half-Life 2. If you have a compatible VR headset, it’s definitely a title to keep a lookout for this month.