Tyler1 And Faker Visit Famous Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurant, Orders 20,000 Calories Meal

Tyler1 And Faker Visit Famous Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurant, Orders 20,000 Calories Meal
Credit: T1 Fighting

South Korean League of Legends eSports organization, SK Telecom T1, upload a light-hearted video on January 21 about Tyler1 and Faker going out in Las Vegas. The duo visited downtown Las Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill to test out how they will fair against the calories of fatty foods.

The famous American hamburger restaurant was founded 15 years ago, themed towards advertising unhealthy foods. The menu includes some of the highest in fat, sugar, and cholesterol content that induces a heart attack. The customers wear hospital gowns when they eat and are served by waitresses dressed as nurses. Continuing with the hospital appeal, the restaurant also serves wine in an IV bag. For personalities such as Tyler1, the food chain’s rumor is perfect for having fun.

After the popular streamer and pro player wore their gowns, they were greeted by the server and informed them the food has nothing green. “We have nothing green; no lettuce, no pickles,” Nurse Ricky states. She also announces to the visitors that, if there is leftover food, the punishment will be spanking. The 24-year old League of Legends streamer, then, asks Ricky if this is legal. She answers, “Not really, but we try.”

Tyler, of course, orders the most prominent burger Heart Attack Grill can offer, the Octuple Bypass Burger and the chocolate brownie shake with extra butter. Faker, on the other hand, is not about to compete with the streamer. He first orders a single burger, but after Tyler convinced him, he ups his meal to a double.

When Tyler’s shake came, he saw how stacked the chocolates are with butter and spits the words, “I’m going to die.” While waiting, the two LoL personalities talked about their favorite food. The 23-year old eSports player reveals that his is the Korean chicken. Tyler comically invites Faker to a date to try out his Korean food, which the later gracefully declined.

Nurse Ricky comes back to their table, holding the 20,000-calory meal Tyler ordered. The couple ate as much as they can out of their burger, but Tyler’s is way too massive. The server comes back in the scene and informs Tyler its time for his “surgery,” referring to the punishment if the burger was left uneaten. In the restaurant, is a holding bar for the victim to hold on to. “Don’t do too hard,” the internet personality tells Ricky. The latter suggests it is going to be three hard spanking.

In front of all the people in the restaurant, and Faker taking a video, Tyler takes the first hit and says, “Okay, let’s call it a day. I gotta go.” To his defense, the server didn’t hold back, and the whole restaurant goes “oh.” After two more spanking, Nurse Ricky asks for a hug as her apology.