Twitch Prime Members Can Now Pick Up A Normal Lost Phone And Witcheye For Free

Twitch Prime Members Can Now Pick Up A Normal Lost Phone And Witcheye For Free
Credit: Accidental Queens via YouTube

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you immediately gain access to Twitch Prime. That also means a mixed bag of free games for the month of January. From RPGs to platformers, there’s something for every type of gamer right now.

Two offerings that stand out in the list, though, are a Normal Lost Phone and Witcheye. The first title is a pretty unique game in that it involves you finding an unknown user’s phone. Normally in real life, that would be the end of the story. You would probably try finding the owner any way you could.

Seeing as how this is a video game, though, there’s more to the story. You’ll have the chance to explore the phone’s content, going down a rabbit-hole of intimate messages and search history.

The game is technically classified as narrative investigation. Your main goal is to learn more about the phone’s owner by any means necessary. There are many forms of media you’ll get to browse through, including pictures, text messages, and other applications. It’s pretty incredible how wrapped up you get in this unknown user’s life despite it being fantasy.

If you decide to keep digging through the user’s phone, you’ll reach some difficult subject matter. Do you continue looking or stop the journey right there? That’s completely up to you.

Witcheye has a much more whimsical tone to it, featuring bright colors and addicting platforming action. Given that this game supports touch controls, you can move your hero in an interactive fashion. Going about each stage with a flick or a tap feels so good.

There are a total of six colorful worlds you’ll have the pleasure of exploring. All the while, enemies will get in your way as so often is the case with these sort of platformers. Witcheye isn’t the most advanced platformer you’ll probably pick up this year, but it has a lot of personality. You could certainly do worse.

It’s always great when a company decides to give their titles away free to gamers. More people have the chance to play games they might have otherwise skipped over.

Claiming both of these free offerings is pretty simple. You just need to make sure your Amazon and Twitch Prime accounts are linked. There will be links you can click on to get the downloads started. Should you pursue them, you’re in store for some varied but fun experiences.