Twitch Begins To Roll Out An Upgraded Channel Page For Streamers For Better Branding

Twitch Begins To Roll Out An Upgraded Channel Page For Streamers For Better Branding
Credit: Twitch

Streaming is the new it, as long as by it we’re referencing ways to watch others play video games. The streaming population, and popularity, continue to grow in leaps and bounds as Twitch.TV maintains its reign as the number one streaming platform, with Microsoft’s Mixer and YouTube Gaming Live struggling to maintain the sheer popularity that Twitch enjoys. This isn’t to say that Twitch is necessarily the best experience, however, merely that it was arguably first on the scene as before it became a bit more commercialized.

While iterative development can be a plague on consumers using applications that employ developers long-term with nowhere to spin their wheels, it can also help inch an application ever closer to a personalized theory of ‘perfection’, whatever that may entail.

This is all a rather lengthy introduction to Twitch bringing about a new bevy of customization for their streamers to dress up their pages, offering more chances for branding and personalization for users that stumble across their page. Twitch announced in 2019 that they were looking at launching this feature, but it hasn’t even started the flighting for the customization until yesterday, where Twitch stated that they are beginning to roll out the upgrades for streamers.

If you haven’t received a notification from Twitch, it’s best to be a bit more patient for the time being.

The options that they’ve introduced are rather sizeable, although many verge on simply being a bit more noticeable rather than drastically changing your home page. Avatars and banners are now far more prominent on a user’s page, including whether that user is online or off. Included in this is a revamped bio that is prominently displayed, and channel trailers that the streamer can set up.

Channel trailers will play if the user is currently offline, allowing the streamer to introduce herself even if they aren’t available. In the past, offline streamers would simply display a blank page, or an offline image; now users can personalize this and give curious watchers an opportunity to become acquainted with the personality before ever needing to tune in during an active broadcast.

While many may scoff at the idea of streamers using corporate terms such as ‘branding’ and ‘impressions’, it’s an important part of the streamer’s hook; they need to be able to display their personality so fans will know what to expect, whatever that personality may be. Whether it’s Sayanoe and her impeccable musical talents, Ezekiel_III with his colorful humor, or the fifth professional Counter-Strike stream you’re watching for the day, there needs to be a flavor beyond Twitch; it’s what keeps them coming back.