TurtleBlaze Releases Demo For Action-Platformer KUNAI On Steam

TurtleBlaze Releases Demo For Action-Platformer KUNAI On Steam
Credit: KUNAI via Steam

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer TurtleBlaze have announced a demo is now available on Steam for KUNAI, an action-platformer. The demo is only available for the Steam version of the game, although the title is also in GOG.

A Nintendo Switch demo is also in progress, and according to the KUNAI team will be released soon.

“A traumatic event has shaken the balance of the world. Human life has been almost wiped out by the evil A.I. Lemonkus. Robots roam free across the earth. You take control of Tabby, a killer robot infused with the soul of an ancient warrior.” states the Steam summary.

The game begins with Tabby, a tablet, having nothing to defend itself with. Tabby’s situation quickly changes. As players progress, Tabby will become stronger with new abilities, weapons, and ninja tricks. The world also contains various secrets to uncover, such as hidden passages.

KUNAI features a limited color palette to remind players of older games. The characters don’t lack detail. There are a variety of levels, such as a floating airship, artificial deserts, and a fallen city. Players can meet a range of characters along the way as well, such as Earl, Chief, and the evil A.I. Lemonkus. While some characters want to help Tabby, others want to harm it.

In the demo, players can test out various weapons, try out the gameplay, view the pixel graphics first-hand, and listen to the soundtrack.

The 16-bit soundtrack is the only DLC available for the game.

TurtleBlaze recently released the 1.03 update on Steam that includes various bug fixes and key rebinding from the title screen menu, which was highly requested from the player community. The full list of patch notes is available on Steam.

Players who want to read the newest updates regarding KUNAI can join the game’s official Discord server. The title is a single-player game, but fans can connect with other players to discuss the game. TurtleBlaze has also kept its social media accounts updated with the newest information regarding KUNAI. Their account often announces when the game is on sale or any other major changes coming to the game. Updates are also posted on the game’s Steam news page.

KUNAI is now available on PC via Steam and GOG plus the Nintendo Switch.