Train Sim World 2020 Is Running On time As It Officially Arrives On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And PC

Train Sim World 2020 Is Running On time As It Officially Arrives On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And PC
Credit: Dovetail Games

This new update for the ever-popular Train Sim World has just received their latest update Train Sim World 2020. The developers have tried to reflect the demands of real rail drivers and engineers while also making the mission objectives accessible to every railway fan. You must track and study each locomotive’s performance to understand how they improve your score and truely master the rails.

Instead of giving the game a focus on speed, the team at Dovetail Games has worked hard to make the entire scoring system about accuracy and control. To be good at this game, you must be more than fast; you must truly understand the route and the train that you are in control of.

The new update includes an Action Point scoring system that will allow players to see where points are earned for reaching their objectives. It will also help explain the impact of any mistakes such as speeding, missing a station, or passing signals while assisting players in focussing on the controls of their locomotive.

Players can also earn more bonuses when stopping your train, including the accuracy of the spot on the platform you stay at and how close to the “on-time” mark you are. Where earlier delays make you want to speed up, speeding penalties will pull you back, giving the impossible problem of train control in the player’s hands.

The update has also added live task lists which can be viewed in the game. You can see what stops you have left, when your due times are, and where you are going to help you plan your time accordingly. You can also glance at how many Action Points you have earned so far helping you get a clearer understanding of how to improve your high score.

Once you complete your ride, you now have access to a detailed debriefing screen which gives you more data and a graph of your speed throughout your journey. You can use the information to help you control stop inaccuracies as well as helping you manage your speed in a more conscious matter.

The last major addition is a new Journey system which will automatically suggest new missions that follow on for the job you just completed. This helps keep your train ever moving forward and also aids in the gaining of bonus points and access to new trains throughout your journey.

The update is free to anyone who owns a copy of Train Sim World. The update will apply to all game platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and PC.