THQ Nordic and Nukklear’s Comanche Now Available In Steam Early Access

THQ Nordic and Nukklear’s Comanche Now Available In Steam Early Access
Credit: Comanche via Steam

THQ Nordic and Nukklear have revived the Comanche series on Steam. The series initially launched in 1992 from developer NovaLogic, Inc.

The Comanche series follows the helicopter of the same name, the RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter, as it works to complete various military missions. The last game was released in 2001.

A new installment in the series, Comanche, has now appeared on Steam Early Access 20 years after the last game. Along with the release was a new trailer.

“After the Iran-US RQ170 incident, in which a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) was hacked and captured through cyberwarfare, the US army secretly revived the development of the RAH-66 helicopter program for special operations. The goal was to develop a highly maneuverable, highly advanced stealth war machine for impervious and mountainous terrain, that can deploy unhackable low-range drones to operate in high-risk environments. The program was a full success, and the Comanche special units seemed unstoppable in their missions.” states the official Steam store summary.

Unfortunately, according to the story, the RAH-66 blueprints were leaked on a whistleblower website. Now anyone who could afford the blueprints could buy them in an instant. The Comanche was now being used for devious purposes, and some of the helicopters were modified to become even more dangerous.

The Early Access version focuses on balancing the expectation of the devoted fanbase along with new fans. Discussion regarding the game will be held on the official Discord server for the game.

Early Access is expected to last around six months. During this time, the developer will listen to feedback and incorporate it into the game. The original release of the game will likely be higher since it will have more content like more multiplayer and single-player content plus flight stick/HOTAS support.

The Alpha version, which is the Early Access game, has a single-player mission, two multiplayer game modes, several maps, plus five unique Comanche classes, and four combat drones. For those new to the series, there is a flying and combat training mode.

The April update will include single-player features, including a second mission, Command Wheel, improved graphics options, and feedback from the community.

The full list of upcoming features is available now on the Comanche Steam store page.

Comanche is available now on PC via Steam Early Access.