This Is How You Check The League Of Legends Public Beta Environment Server Status In 2020

This Is How You Check The League Of Legends Public Beta Environment Server Status In 2020
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

League of Legends’ servers have been notorious for going down due to different issues—and the Public Beta Environment server isn’t an exception to this.

In the past, you couldn’t really tell if the issue was on your end or Riot’s. But now, it’s quite simple to check the server status and find out who or what is responsible for your failure to connect.

Riot’s official website
The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re experiencing any issues connecting to League’s PBE server is to go to Riot’s official website. This is where the developer posts messages regarding recent events or reports happening in all of its games. If there’s no message and you’re still having issues, go to the League section. Once there, choose the PBE option next to the Language option to show you the server status.

If everything is working correctly, the message should say, “No recent issues or events to report.” In this case, there were some issues due to higher than normal game traffic and the practice mode was taken offline.

If, however, you don’t see any messages and still can’t connect, check the Riot Games Support page on Twitter as well. If there are any major issues affecting any servers, Riot will tweet about it to keep the player base informed.

Riot Games recently announced huge changes coming into the preseason of League of Legends. Riot recently shared its plans for season 11 and it looks like items will start playing a much more significant role. Mythic items will help set the foundation of a new meta.

Riot described Mythic items as a cornerstone of most builds since they’ll have abilities that can redefine playstyles. These Mythic items look a lot like Ornn’s Living Forge and Masterwork items. Champions will be able to carry one Mythic item at a time, meaning you’ll need to sell one to buy one if you decide to change your strategy during a match.

Mythic items are set to hit the live servers during the 2021 preseason and Riot has shared a handful of them with fans already. It’s likely that the developer is still working on the concept to iron out the finer details and even the items it shared can see significant changes until the preseason kicks off.

The information currently available suggests that Mythic items will be the defining piece of every build with how they can modify other Legendary items. The items shared so far all carry a passive Mythic buff, but this also leaves a huge design space for Riot in the future. A mechanic like this has so much potential to grow and we could even see Mythic items that can buff active abilities or ones with active spells as their Mythic buff, which would undoubtedly make every League game more unique.