There’s Terraforming At Last In The Green Planet, The Upcoming Expansion In Surviving Mars

There’s Terraforming At Last In The Green Planet, The Upcoming Expansion In Surviving Mars
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

Players should remember that the planet Mars is the milieu of the game Surviving Mars. Its environment is hostile and relentless so the people in the game should stay indoors. However, the game has a second expansion, and it is entitled Green Planet. It now has terraforming mechanics, at long last.

Players can now grow plants, and they can reshape the land to create a beautiful and breathable atmosphere. The title’s trailer has showcased the huge stacks, which releases steam to the air so it can fill the vintage craters with grass, trees, and water, and to make the environment more scenic.

The expansion is a paid one, and it will arrive with the game’s free update, which can be availed by the people who play Surviving Mars. Paradox said that the new expansion will bring new layers to the game, which will provide depth. Players need to become more strategic, and it’s a challenge, which will be embraced by the community.

Gabriel Dobrev, the CEO of Haemimont Games said the community has asked for the terraforming a lot since they’ve launched the game, and because a lot of fans love the title, they’ve answered their request as a means of giving something back to their community.

Dobrev mentioned that the thought of terraforming Mars’ surface had captured the imagination of humans since they can remember. It’s also something, which motivates gamers. And because fans keep on asking for it, they have no choice but to develop it with special care to ensure they’ll get it right. The details about the expansion are still scarce at the moment. However, fans can expect for the arrival of Green Planet in the succeeding months.

Those who love science fiction games could fall in love with Surviving Mars. It’s about colonizing the planet and players should survive the process. They need to choose an agency for financial support before they determine their colony location. They need to build infrastructure and domes. Players need to utilize drones to search for fresh probabilities. Gamers need to expand and shape their settlement.

They also need to mine minerals, cultivate their own food, or just chill in a bar after their work is done. The most important aspect of the game is to keep their colonies alive, which is not an easy task because they’re on a weird new planet.

Building infrastructure on a distant planet not suited for human life is challenging. Those who want to create a functional and smart colony in Mars will find the game tough to play.

Now, fans are more enthused with the upcoming arrival of the Green Planet, and they’re in gratitude because the developers of the game have granted their wish.