There Will Be No More Heroes Until Steam Fixes The Games

There Will Be No More Heroes Until Steam Fixes The Games
Credit: ign

After the June 2021 Steam release of No More Heroes and its sequel, players were not pleased with what they found. Since the Nintendo Switch versions were released with photographs of the Joy-Con controllers, many have accused publisher XSEED Games of rushing the ports. In addition to several glitches and crashes, fans have reported broken achievements. Hopefully, the situation will improve soon. XSEED Games has said in a recent update that they are working on a patch.

We are well aware of the problems that have plagued this game since its release, and after more than a year of working on patches, we can now say we are handling them internally. We regret the inconvenience this has caused and assure you that additional details will be provided as soon as we are convinced that the patches are in releasable shape.

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The update released today does not include a schedule for implementing these changes, although it has been well received. There is a dedicated following for the No More Heroes titles, and many players would do anything to see the series’ problems resolved at this point. It’s a bit unexpected since it’s been almost a year since the two games first appeared on Steam.

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In 2007, No More Heroes was launched on the Wii. A dedicated fanbase quickly formed for the game, and several successors have been released since then. No More Heroes III, the finale in the series, came out for the Nintendo Switch last year. Even though creator Goichi “Suda51” Suda has recently stated that he may decide to return to the series at some point, that return may be quite some time in the future. Fans will have to make do with what’s already out there for the time being, which will be alright if XSEED can get the previous two games working smoothly on Steam.