There Have Been Numerous Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumours, One Of Which Is Regarding The Main Characters

There Have Been Numerous Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumours, One Of Which Is Regarding The Main Characters

Grand Theft Auto 6 must live up to its reputation in order for everything to work. The follow-up to 2013’s GTA 5 from Rockstar has been long overdue, and Bethesda’s delay with The Elder Scrolls 6 hasn’t helped.

It goes without saying that there have been a lot of myths, breaches, and typical fan ideas regarding what the upcoming entry in the open-world game will include. According to another rumor, GTA 6 was supposed to be far bigger than the game actually is.

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As noticed by PCGamesN, that is according to Axios. Grand Theft Auto 6 allegedly had four characters and was initially scheduled to span three cities. But the report continues by stating that things have been reduced.

Especially in light of the three GTA 5 protagonists’ intricately entwined lives, having four selectable characters would have been incredibly ambitious. Obviously, Rockstar has not confirmed this information, but it wouldn’t be too shocking if the company had initially planned to produce something big that ultimately had to be scaled back.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 appears to be based on Bonnie and Clyde and will have two protagonists. One of the characters will be a woman, marking the first time a female player character has appeared in a Grand Theft Auto game.

The game’s plot, release date, and other specifics have not yet been disclosed by Rockstar. The creation of Grand Theft Auto 6 may have started as early as 2014, according to another claim.

The company started working on it “in some form” not long after GTA 5 was launched, according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. Again, there hasn’t been any proof of this, so it’s best to wait before passing judgment.

Given Grand Theft Auto 5’s immense popularity and financial success, not to point out the fact that it has been available for nine years, many people may be shocked that Rockstar hasn’t seized the opportunity to release a sequel.