The Witness Is Now Available For Free Through The Epic Games Store; Is Worth Checking Out

The Witness Is Now Available For Free Through The Epic Games Store; Is Worth Checking Out
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

The Epic Games Store has been hitting its stride as of late. They’ve claimed exclusive distribution rights to so many PC games these past few months, giving Steam a run for its money. Now, the Epic Games Store still has a ways to go until it provides the perfect experience to PC shoppers, but it’s on the right path.

In addition to offering quality games, the platform has a tendency of offering games for free. This is an incredible value. Currently, the platform is offering The Witness for free. The game was previously offered free of charge to those with a PlayStation Plus membership. If you missed out on this deal, it’s not too late if you have a PC.

The Witness certainly is worth checking out, even if you only play a couple of sessions. It’s a puzzle game that features an open-world environment. You can explore different clues on the island to piece together events that lead you there in the first place.

The moment you enter this fantastic open world, the lush visuals take over. Every area in this game is exceptionally beautiful and has a unique color pallet. You could spend hours just going from stage to stage without ever solving a thing.

In terms of the puzzles, they are pretty frustrating. You won’t be able to solve them by pure luck. Strategy and repeated tries will be necessary for you to advance. Despite how difficult the puzzles are, there’s an immense satisfaction you get when completing them. All of your hard work certainly pays off.

Next to solving difficult puzzles, you’ll be exposed to inspiring messages. They leave you feeling good no matter what type of bad day you’ve had before playing. Even if you don’t prefer puzzle games, The Witness has a unique take on the genre. Once you’ve mastered several puzzles, you’ll get a feel for the game and will appreciate all of the hard work that went into creating it.

It’s titles like this that are making the Epic Games Store such a viable marketplace for developers and gamers. The platform started off a bit rocky, but after listening to consumer feedback and giving the platform some time to breathe, it works nicely.

Its strategy of offering free PC games is amazing to see. It shows that Epic is interested in building a positive reputation and giving gamers great value time and time again.