The Witcher 3 Has A New Mod That Swaps Out Triss Merigold’s Face For Her Netflix Counterpart

The Witcher 3 Has A New Mod That Swaps Out Triss Merigold’s Face For Her Netflix Counterpart
Credit: CD Projekt Red via youTube

It’s pretty amazing to see how much success The Witcher series on Netflix has gone on to achieve. Henry Cavil and Anya Chalotra are a huge reason why it has done so well. Their portrays of Geralt and Yennefer have been nothing short of outstanding.

They’re looking to pick up where they left off in Season Two, which will resume production on August 17. In the meantime, though, fans of the series can enjoy the series in a way by heading on over to The Witcher 3.

It just received a new mod that lets players enjoy the Netflix version of Triss Merigold, played by Anna Shaffer. Looking at some of the screenshots that show the remodeled face, it’s a pretty remarkable likeness to what Netflix viewers have grown accustomed to.

It’s actually quite impressive what this mod — titled Netflix Triss Merigold — actually does. It just goes to show how talented passionate Witcher fans are. And it’s not the first time this has happened either.

If you play The Witcher 3 quite regularly, you might remember Yennifer also getting swapped out for the Netflix version, which is played by the talented Anya Chalotra. It was a mod received well by the community.

Even the version of Geralt played by Henry Cavill is available for those that want to keep the Netflix theme going in their games. So even though there is an extended wait for Season 2 of The Witcher to come out on Netflix due to the coronavirus, the face-changing mods give gamers the chance to live out their television fantasies in a video game.

This latest Triss Merigold mod is just another reason to check out The Witcher 3 if you haven’t already. There are always new mods being added by passionate fans, and there is just so much content to check out in the base game alone.

CD Projekt Red has a lot to be proud of with this fantasy RPG. You can go on epic hunting missions as Geralt, taking down beasts twice your size with an incredible skill of the sword. For when situations get really sticky, Geralt of Rivia can whip up a couple of magic spells.

There is even a mod that lets Geralt use guns instead of crossbows, which is perfect if you want a more modern feel. Whatever adventures you want to go on, The Witcher 3 is a game that can provide them in spades. It seems to only get better with time too.