The Unique Horror Game Carrion Now Has A Playable Demo On Steam; Will Be Available Until November 2

The Unique Horror Game Carrion Now Has A Playable Demo On Steam; Will Be Available Until November 2
Credit: DevolverDigital via YouTube

The horror genre is beloved by many gamers today. This fanbase likes games that have a lot of tension, creepy monsters, or a combination of both. Usually, games in this genre put you in the role of an every-man trying to survive some evil force that threatens the world as you know it.

Every once in a while — though — a horror game comes along that lets you play as the monster or villain. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, that’s a reason to celebrate. It immediately changes up the dynamic. Instead of trying to survive the night with limited resources, you’re the creature that goes bump in the night.

That’s a huge reason why people are stoked about Carrion, a reverse horror game that gives you the chance to become an amorphous creature. You’re imprisoned, but the moment you find a way out, that’s bad news for those that carelessly thought to trap what they thought they could control. Your origins are unknown, but one thing is clear: You’re not a monster to be messed with.

This is certainly one of the more interesting games in the horror genre right now, which has a release date of 2020. The developers at Phobia Game Studio have given this game distinct visuals and an interesting design that will surely make this game stand out. They just recently put a free demo on its Steam page. It will be available until November 2.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to be a tentacle creature who has otherworldly powers, now’s the perfect time to take Carrion for a spin. You might not get another chance until the game comes out sometime in 2020.

Looking at the pictures on the Steam page, the monster you get to control honestly looks like something out of the Stranger Things series. It’s red with long tentacles that can clobber human threats like they’re infants or even ants. That seems to be a huge focal point of this game: Give you an unstoppable vibe that truly makes you feel like a monster not from this world.

As you progress in this game, you’ll evolve and realize your full powers. Carrion isn’t even out yet, but it seems like something original and worth the price of admission. Who knows what sort of powers you’ll unlock as you try to discover what it is humans want with your existence.