The Unique Fantasy RPG Hytale Is Expected To Release Sometime In 2021, According To Developer

The Unique Fantasy RPG Hytale Is Expected To Release Sometime In 2021, According To Developer
Credit: Hytale News via YouTube

Hytale has been one of the more anticipated games in the RPG space. The game’s development began all the way back in 2015. It’s now 2019 and still, we have no Hytale to get our hands on. The wait could continue just a little bit longer, as the developer Hypixel Studios just announced that a 2021 release is probable on a blog post.

That’s probably not what interested onlookers in the gaming community want to hear, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In addition to this release date window, the developers took the opportunity to show off some of what they’ve been working on.

The recent clips show a lot of things, from the beautiful scores to the open-ended designs the developers are hoping make Hytale stand out from the jump. The scores definitely have a fantasy-like vibe, which brings you into these magical areas before you even pick up the controls.

A game’s music is so crucial for the overall experience gamers have with a title. It’s nice to know Hypixel Studios didn’t skimp out on hiring talented composers to put the music together. It gives Hytale instant character that lets you know grand adventures await.

Along with some samples of music, the developer also showed some of the biomes you’ll have the pleasure of interacting with. They look beautiful and very distinct from one another. Going from biome to biome should be an amazing experience that makes you wonder what’s next.

If you’re a fan of open sandbox games like this, then these recent details are promising. They are painting quite a picture in terms of gameplay and visuals. What’s also unique about this fantasy-like RPG is its block-building design.

You’ll have access to all sorts of tools to construct unique structures, such as castles and other tall buildings. The procedurally generated world that you’ll be surrounded in always keeps gameplay fresh.

Sure, Hytale isn’t coming out for a couple of more years — but at least there’s movement with this highly anticipated game. Who knows what more improvements the developers will be able to make until the official release in 2021?

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games ever, and Hytale looks like an amazing continuation filled with so many more epic journeys. Hypixel Studios could revolutionize the RPG segment of gaming if they meet expectations and do everything in their power to perfect this game up until release.