The Super Mario 64 Can Now Be Played As A Horror Flick

The Super Mario 64 Can Now Be Played As A Horror Flick
Credit: nitendolife

Imagine if Super Mario 64 was a survival horror game. A whole new game was made by a fan using the Super Mario 64 engine well, at least the demo.

The song’s title is Another Princess in Our Castle. Years after Princess Peach’s passing, you visit her palace and discover that it is haunted.

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The objective of the game is to gather eight figurines around the castle while dodging the ghost of Peach, who is pursuing you, hiding in chests, and preserving your meager stamina.

“It appears that Peach passed away a few years ago, and the castle is now deserted. The game’s description adds that although it should be vacant, Peach’s tortured ghost still prowls the rooms.

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In the demo, you must search the castle for eight statues that have been concealed there while attempting to solve the puzzle. You’re being pursued by Princess Peach’s ghost, who has been altered from her adorable original sprite into a bleached, ghostly apparition that is terrifying all the time.

The layout of the castle is the same as it was in the first game, but doors that once opened without a hitch are now sealed, and you can skulk behind chests to avoid Peach’s prying eyes. There are numerous jump scares, and the new soundtrack makes lurking around the castle much creepier.

ROM hacks and versions that allow you to play levels from later games in the series, like Super Mario Odyssey, inside of Super Mario 64, are both examples of the game’s long history of being modified.

Other mods have done the same, such as this unreleased Minecraft mod that incorporated the Super Mario 64 engine into the well-liked sandbox construction game. The demo will ultimately be expanded into a full game, according to CM9, even though the game isn’t yet finished.