The Stylish Beat’Em Up Ape Out Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

The Stylish Beat’Em Up Ape Out Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store
Credit: IGN via Youtube

Christmas is just a couple of days away now. If you’re a gamer, this is the perfect time to score big on some great games. The Epic Games Store — in particular — is a platform worth visiting since they’re having their holiday free giveaways. As of now, you can pick up the stylish beat’em up Ape Out for free.

If you enjoy simple, yet addicting mechanics, then this game is worth adding to the collection. Developed by Gabe Cuzzilo, Ape Out interestingly blends percussion with chaotic destruction. The goal is simple: Get away from your captors and experience freedom you’ve longed for as an ape.

Throughout your escape, you’ll run into a bevvy of threats who want to stop your pursuits of freedom at all costs. How you approach them is completely up to you. For instance, you can take a nearby human and use them as a shield as you block oncoming fire. Or, you can speedily move past them onto the next portion of the stage.

Throughout your time with Ape Out, you’ll enjoy highly stylized visuals. The color palette is particularly interesting, as if you’re looking at works of art as you try to make an epic escape. It should be mentioned that there is a lot of blood. So if you’re one of those gamers that is squeamish, you might look for another free offering from the Epic Games Store.

If blood is your thing, though, then you’re in for a treat. You don’t feel bad about harming your captors either because they’ve taken your freedom, along with many other animals.

Ape Out includes a total of four chapters. Each has you go through seemingly endless tight corridors with enemies in bunches. The are never really any lulls in action, which just keeps you gripped to your seat eager to see what the next stage has to offer.

Much of what you’ll be doing in every chapter is smashing everything that gets in your way. This includes lab equipment, walls, and of course, human enemies. It’s a brutally good time that doesn’t require a lot of skills. Even if you’re not that familiar with beat’em ups, the mechanics are pretty straightforward. You simply move forward and take out everything in your path.

Ape Out has a ton of positive reviews on Steam, which are a testament to how fun and addicting this game is. It can be yours for free for a limited time.