The Spiritual Thriller Beyond: Two Souls Finally Makes Its Debut On PC; Available Now Through The Epic Games Store

The Spiritual Thriller Beyond: Two Souls Finally Makes Its Debut On PC; Available Now Through The Epic Games Store
Credit: Quantic Dream via YouTube

It’s always exciting for PC users to get new games. This is particularly true for titles that have been on consoles, and then finally make their way to PC. One of these games is Beyond: Two Souls. This interactive drama game debuted on the PS3. It was later re-introduced on the PlayStation 4.

Now, six years after its initial release, it’s coming to PC. It can be found on the Epic Games Store for $20. The demo is also available now for free. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, it’s an incredible journey. Developed by Quantic Dream, this game revolves around a young girl named Jodie. She’s voice-acted by Ellen Page, a decision that the developers nailed perfectly. She does a beautiful job expressing her emotions and setting the stage for this grand adventure.

Jodie is special. She has the ability to talk to an entity referred to as Aiden. It’s not quite sure whether Aiden is good or bad. Throughout the game’s run time, you’re forced to make decisions with both Jodie and Aiden. Your decisions will directly impact how this game turns out.

That’s part of the beauty with Beyond: Two Souls. You feel immersed with every decision you’re forced to make. Sometimes, you choose the right path and experience great rewards. Other times, you do something bad and suffer the consequences. You’re always involved in Jodie’s plight. She’s forced to do things no ordinary teenager should have to face. Aiden has a great influence on her, which isn’t always a good thing.

In terms of gameplay, this title plays more like a movie. You do have special powers to use thanks to Aiden’s special telekinetic force. The graphics are also pretty great from start to finish. Certain scenes seem like those taken from a blockbuster action movie.

The game really picks up when she joins the CIA. They want to use her special powers to infiltrate enemies and organizations that normally would be impossible to target.

What’s particularly unique about this story is it doesn’t play out in a linear fashion. Instead, it goes back and forth between major events in Jodie’s life. This non-linear design keeps you on your toes and never really sure of what to expect next.

If you’re looking for a great story that has amazing voice-acting, Beyond: Two Souls is the game to get for PC. You finally get to experience what PlayStation users have been raving about.