The Sinking City Unveils Some Gameplay Footage Of The Mysteries And Horrors That Await

The Sinking City Unveils Some Gameplay Footage Of The Mysteries And Horrors That Await
Credit: steamXO

The Sinking City is an upcoming action-adventure horror game being developed by Frogwares. It is currently set to release in June, although this might get pushed back as there are reports of the developer needed more time to perfect it. While we wait, some recent gameplay footage came out showcasing the mysteries that players will have the chance to solve.

The video opens up with some dark tones. Judging by the score and visuals, you know this game is going in a horror direction. Not horror-survival, though. Instead, you’ll spend time using your investigative skills to explore the Lovecraftian horrors that await as you progress.

The main protagonist is Charles Reid, a great war veteran and PI from Boston. Nothing is as it seems for Reid. He seems delusional and plagued with visions of monstrous beasts. He’s in search of a cure. He winds up in Oakmont, Massachusetts, which has been devastated by an evil plague.

From the different environments that Charles is forced to navigate through, it’s safe to assume this game has a foreboding tone to it. You just feel like something bad is going to happen at a moment’s notice. The atmosphere almost seems like that of Silent Hill, where around every corner, there’s a darker secret waiting to be discovered.

The narrator of this gameplay footage reveals that much of the game’s design is placed on detective work. This means zero hand-holding from the start. You have no cues as to what direction to go in or who to talk to when the game opens up. You’re forced to discover the story through clue analysis and smart detective work.

After assessing clues, they are sent directly into your casebook. You can access them at any point when you need to put pieces of a crime together. It’s clearly evident that Charles Reid has special powers of his own. He’s able to re-create crimes using some sort of spell system. It should come in handy for clues that aren’t particularly revealing. There are plenty of institutions you can use as well to gain access to important files. They’ll help with your detective work.

The game is shot in third-person and the level design is absolutely stunning. Every area that was shown in this footage is lively and full of personality. It’s not out yet for Windows PC, Xbox One, or PS4, but already, The Sinking City looks like a captivating experience for those who have a thirst for discovery and mystery.