The Sci-Fi Exploration Game No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Virtual Reality

The Sci-Fi Exploration Game No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Virtual Reality
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

If you’re into space exploration and video games, you’ve probably played No Man’s Sky. It’s a sci-fi action title that’s built upon curiosity and exploration. You essentially go from planet to planet, scavenging for items, building bases, and upgrading ships. It’s quite a fun game, with a little bit of repetition.

Still, exploring different planets is a dream many gamers have wished to experience first-hand for years. This game gives them the ability to do just that. Its developer — Hello Games — isn’t done with the game either. They’re currently working on bringing No Man’s Sky to virtual reality.

The possibilities are now endless. Space has always been an amazing frontier to explore using VR headsets. There are many games that have done a good job captivating what it’s like to be in the final frontier. No Man’s Sky VR has the potential to do the same and then some.

It will be available for PlayStation VR and Steam VR as a free update. What’s amazing about this announcement is that the VR title won’t be a separate mode, with limited access to features. You will, in fact, have the chance to play the entire game in virtual reality mode from start to finish. This is incredible.

As long as you already own this game, you won’t have to pay for this incredible immersion. We saw a ton of footage of this VR title at PlayStation’s first ever State of Play news event. It starts off with you in a spaceship, controlling it onward and upward. The very act of flying around in a ship — as if you’re there in person — sounds like a blast. You could spend hours floating above planets, seeing their amazing details from a unique vantage point.

We also see the user traveling around in some sort of dune-buggy vehicle. It should make traveling on the surface thrilling. All of these vehicles should provide hours of excitement. There is even footage of the player using some sort of laser machine, building up defense walls.

All in all, this VR title looks like it’s going to be a success. Many were pretty disappointed when No Man’s Sky first came out, but this VR version should keep things fresh. At the very least, you’ll have fun exploring different environments in VR mode.

It’s also hard to complain when you’re not being charged a dime, at least if you have this game already.