The Real-Time Tactics Game Commandos 2 Is Getting A Remaster According To Publisher

The Real-Time Tactics Game Commandos 2 Is Getting A Remaster According To Publisher
Credit: Kalypso Media via YouTube

One of the most beloved tactical franchises throughout history has been the Commandos series. These games have built up a cult-like following, and even to this day, they offer a lot of fun experiences. If you’ve followed this series ever since the beginning back in the late 90s and early 2000s, you’ll be happy to know that the second game — Commandos 2 — is getting remastered for the PC.

You can thus expect better visuals and maybe some new features that will make the sequel a novel experience in a lot of ways. This announcement was made by the publisher Kalypso Media and it will be available in January. If you have a console, then you’ll be able to enjoy this HD remastered title as well.

Judging by the recent announcement trailer, the graphics in Commandos 2 looks much better than the original. There are crisp colors everywhere and fine details. The developers Pyro Studios and Yippee! Entertainment put a lot of time into painting the graphic scenes of war. So in addition to using a lot of critical-thinking and strategy, you’ll enjoy an amazing visual experience.

If you haven’t ever played the original Commandos 2, you pretty much get to control an elite group of soldiers behind enemy lines in a World War 2 setting. There are a series of demanding missions you’ll have to complete to come out victorious, which require some thought and understanding of military tactics.

The 10 different missions included in this remaster let you explore a bevvy of different environments. They paint quite the picture during these tougher times. The settings just add to the intensity as your squad does their best to preserve freedom and fight for what’s right.

What’s really unique about this remastered version is the 3D Engine. You’ll be able to rotate the different environments 360 degrees for optimal perspectives, letting you take full control of the battlefields like never before. Every rotation gives you a cool-looking angle, whether it’s on waterfronts, military vehicles, or historical buildings.

In addition to better graphics, the controls have been re-worked. They should make Commandos 2 a more forgiving experience that fits right in with some of today’s best modern tactical games.

Lastly, you’ll be able to interact with the environments you come across. For example, you can climb poles, swing from cables, and even steal enemy uniforms. There are so many things you can do to keep gameplay fresh.

Commandos 2 HD Remaster certainly seems like a winner that’s taking the franchise in an amazing direction.