The Puzzle Simulator Poly Bridge 2 Is Set To Release On May 28

The Puzzle Simulator Poly Bridge 2 Is Set To Release On May 28
Credit: Dry Cactus via YouTube

The original Poly Bridge was a pretty successful hit back when it released in 2016. If you never had the chance to play it, the premise revolves around building virtual bridges.

Like bridges in real life, these virtual bridges require careful planning and resource management. At times it can be difficult, but there’s a lot of satisfaction after constructing a bridge successfully and seeing it in use.

The game was so successful that it’s getting a sequel. And it seems like fans won’t have to wait long as Poly Bridge 2 was just given a May 28 release date. That’s not too far from now. It will be available on Steam for those interested in seeing how the developer Dry Cactus improved upon the original.

The sequel is already showing a lot of promise based on the official announcement trailer that released a month ago. It shows some of the physics and design principles involved. Some bridges won’t require as much planning while others will become sort of like a trial and error process.

To highlight the dire consequences of not getting your physics dialed in just right, a truck is shown plummeting down after the bridge it was driving on suffers total failure. It’s clear: Players will have to be on their A game when turning their bridge plans into reality.

Looking at the game’s Steam page, it’s reported that there will be new levels and new features. So if you enjoyed the first game, there’s more bridge content to dive head first into on May 28.

The main goal on every stage is to construct a bridge that enables vehicles to get across it in safe fashion. Who knew such a simple concept could be so fun and addicting? There is a light-hearted tone to this game that instantly invites you in as well.

Sure, you can do your best to be perfect out of the gate. Reality is you’ll probably fail and that’s perfectly okay. You can start over and learn from your mistakes. That design gives Poly Bridge 2 a lot of re-playability and makes it a great gem to discover in 2020.

Who hasn’t wanted to put on the construction hat and design bridges that impact the world in a major way? Thanks to this puzzle simulator, now you can and in epic fashion. You’ll be able to put your design skills to the test and overcome obstacles for extreme satisfaction at the end.