The Pokemon Company Recently Introduced A New Pokemon App Designed To Make Sleep More Fun

The Pokemon Company Recently Introduced A New Pokemon App Designed To Make Sleep More Fun
Credit: Verlisify via YouTube

Most people today have the same sleep routine. They read a book, watch a movie, or listen to some music before turning in the for the night. They then wake up the next morning ready to start the day.

Well, it appears The Pokémon Company is looking to change sleep for gamers like never before. On Tuesday, the company announced a new Pokémon app called Pokémon Sleep. What is this app and exactly how will it affect people’s gaming experiences? Let’s find out.

The Pokémon Company is teaming up with Nintendo, and have plans of putting out Pokémon Sleep sometime in 2020. The purpose of the app is to make sleep an entertaining experience. Your sleep will be tracked, and how much you sleep will affect gameplay in some way.

The app will be compatible with a new device that is currently in the works called Pokemon Go Plus Plus. This peripheral device will help track the amount of time you sleep, as well as sleep patterns. This is an interesting concept.

It resembles what they did with Pokemon Go, an app that turns walking into a fun Pokemon adventure. This sleeping aspect is pretty novel and hasn’t been done by a gaming company yet, at least not recently.

The peripheral device has Bluetooth compatibility and will connect to your phone, sending in information about your sleep. How sleep will affect gameplay in Pokemon Go still remains unknown, but there are several directions the company could go in.

For example, the more sleep you get, the healthier your Pokémon could be when you wake up. Fans of the Pokemon Go game thus have added incentive to go to bed a little early and sleep soundly through the night.

Turning sleep into entertainment could actually enable gamers to live healthier lives. Of course, it all depends on how gamers use Pokemon Sleep and the peripheral device. This sleep app is a pretty interesting concept from The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

It has the chance to be a huge success just like Pokemon Go was. It will be interesting to see if fans continue using the sleep app once its novelty wears off. Only time will tell. Still, The Pokemon Company should be rewarded for their creativity regardless of how successful Pokemon Sleep is.

They’re constantly pushing towards new technologies and trends. It will be amazing to see what future ideas they come up with next.