The Official Soundtrack For Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Received A US Release Date Thanks To Amazon

The Official Soundtrack For Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Received A US Release Date Thanks To Amazon
Credit: Square Enix

There’s a lot to love about the original Final Fantasy VII, and likewise, there’s oh so very much to love about the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake, which delighted gamers the world over this spring.

One of the pieces of this classic game that has been renowned for decades is the music. The original composer for Final Fantasy VII, Nobuo Uematsu, returned for the remake and hit the ball out of the park once again, alongside his team.

The game’s soundtrack has not been released yet in the United States, but that’s about to change. It has been announced that the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released to US audiences on July 31, 2020.

As is fitting given the game’s place as the seventh title in the Final Fantasy franchise, the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack is composed of seven different discs, all of which have over 20 pieces of original music.

We learned the release date for this title via Amazon, with an update that was made to the product page for this soundtrack.

The version being released next month is the standard soundtrack, and not the limited edition version that was released earlier in the year.

It is also a CD set and should not be confused with the limited edition vinyl soundtrack.

One of the most highly anticipated inclusions in this soundtrack is Hollow, the original ending theme song specifically composed for this game. It was composed by Nobuo Uematso and performed by Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet).

We hear Hollow at a few key points throughout the game. A soft instrumental of the original piece was the background music for the Sector 5 Slums, where the flower girl Aerith lives with her mother. Cloud spends a decent chunk of time in Sector 5 early in the game, performing mercenary tasks for the townspeople.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is only the first chapter in what is expected to be a multi part franchise, which will make up the retelling of the Final Fantasy VII story in a way that is familiar yet entirely new at the same time.

There is currently no word yet on when we’re going to be getting the second installment of this remake, but Square had confirmed that they were already hard at work on it before the first game ever released.

Final Fantasy VII is currently available on the PlayStation 4 console. It is a PlayStation exclusive for a minimum period of one year, after which it may be released on Xbox and PC systems.