The Multiplayer Adventurer Journey Is Now Available On iOS According To Jenova Chen

The Multiplayer Adventurer Journey Is Now Available On iOS According To Jenova Chen
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Mobile gaming has blown up over the last couple years. There are some really great titles right now for mobile devices, too. You can add Journey to that list. According to Jenova Chen — the designer behind the title — Journey is now available on iOS.

This multiplayer adventurer originally debuted on the PlayStation 3 from the people at thatgamecompany. It’s a pretty unique game that involves a robed figure traveling across the desert. You’re not given any instruction on what to do. You must thus use your critical thinking skills to figure out what path to take.

Games like this are so intriguing. You get to think for yourself without any prompts. At first,  you’ll feel a little lost. With time and adjusting to this fascinating world, you’ll begin to find your way. Even the cut scenes don’t have any words. You’re left with your own interpretation of the game’s events, and it’s so fun to ponder what could be waiting for you next.

Journey is about making your own assumptions and having a personal experience with this game. It all works so nicely and the graphics are particularly noteworthy. Where things get really interesting is the online multiplayer experience.

As you make your way through this beautiful and open-ended desert, you’ll encounter others just as lost as you are. They’re called companions. You won’t be able to talk to them, though. Instead, you can communicate via symbols that are displayed on the front of your robe.

It seems like the designer wanted these online experiences to be organic in nature. Instead of spending a bunch of time chatting away, you’re just happy to be close to someone else. After traveling for what seems like forever, finding another online user is a welcomed experience. It’s something you start cherishing after several hours on your journey without an end goal in sight.

Along your journey, you’ll run into all sorts of items. For example, you can find pieces of cloth that you can actually fly on to make traveling a little more convenient. There are also Ancient Glyphs, Cloth Creatures, and Glowing symbols.

When this game came out on the PlayStation 3, it received rave reviews. It even won many awards. It’s great to see such a high-profile game end up on the iOS mobile marketplace. It should sell extremely well out of the gate. Now’s the perfect time to experience it if you haven’t already.