Summon Up Everything And Fight Out Who And What You Are In Indivisible, Coming This Fall

Summon Up Everything And Fight Out Who And What You Are In Indivisible, Coming This Fall
Credit: Lab Zero

Indivisible has a bit of a history. An Indiegogo campaign was launched in 2015, with a prototype version of the game so backers could get a feel of what things were like. It finally managed to make its goal December 2nd, three days before the end of its 20-day extension. Developed by Lab Zero of Skullgirls fame, Indivisible is an action rpg with heavy exploration and platforming elements.

Players take on the role of Ajna (AHZH-nah), a young woman who’s home was ravaged by warlords. She finds she has the ability to absorb others into her being, and summon them as ‘Incarnations’ in battle. Eager to find out the reason behind herself and these abilities, as well as enact revenge on her attackers, Ajna sets out across the mystical world of Loka, meeting new people, exploring exotic locales, and waging fierce battle against any brave or stupid enough to cross her path.

Many a guided hand is working on the game; 505 is set as publisher, with the opening intro done by Studio Trigger (of Kill la Kill fame), and Titmouse (of Motorcity fame) providing some animation. Combat is vaguely reminiscent of Valkyrie Profile, with monsters being encountered in the overworld prior to battle proper. If Ajna attacks first, her enemy loses a bit of life as the fun starts. But if you’re attacked first, you lose a bit of life yourself.

In battle, you can build the Iddhi Meter, a gauge that increases based on the attacks you sling. As it fills, you’re able to block and unleash powerful moves, and any unspent meter converts to health at the end of battle. It adds quite the twist to the combat; managing the Iddhi Meter will be a key mechanic to survive the trials of Indivisible.

While the prototype version was made for Mac, PC, and PlayStation 4, the full game will be featured on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One on October 8th, 2019, and will see a Nintendo Switch port at a later date.

2019 continues to be a pretty great year for RPGs, and there’s more on the way for those looking to satisfy their adventure and battle cravings. Until next time, stay and play savvy, gamers!