The Massive Multiplayer Mode Ground War Goes Live Today In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare For All Platforms

The Massive Multiplayer Mode Ground War Goes Live Today In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare For All Platforms
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

The latest Call of Duty game is out now for all platforms. It’s definitely one of the more anticipated games of 2019 thanks to the constant progression of the series by Infinity Ward. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can be considered a soft reboot, but there are still classic elements that fans have loved seeing with every installment.

What’s unique about this game is it supports cross-play. Gamers on any console can join an online lobby and connect to matches with any other gamer in the world. This opens up the multiplayer possibilities like never before.

Speaking of multiplayer, this game has a lot of new and returning modes that fans have been anxiously waiting to try out firsthand. One of these is Ground War, a massive mode where up to 100 players battle it out on large-scale maps. It was originally supposed to be ready at launch, but after an update, it was noticeably taken away. Not forever, though.

Ground War is now officially live on all major platforms. That’s good news for those who have this latest installment and want to check out what these large battles have to offer. Ground War seems like just the mode to put your combat skills to the test with other players on major platforms and PC.

Since the maps are so large, you’ll have the opportunity to travel in a wide variety of vehicles. From tanks to other heavily-armored vehicles, there are plenty of ways to get past the wave of bullets. You’ll have to be on your A game when doing so, though, as the enemy will have plenty of ways to bring you down.

Ground War is just one of the many reasons why Call of Duty: Modern Warefare is shaping up to be one of the best installments yet in a long-running series. It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the game isn’t going to have any microtransactions. That’s great news because they’ve been appearing more and more in a lot of AAA games, unfortunately.

Publishers want their titles to net them as much money as possible, but this want for compensation doesn’t always go over so well with the fans. It’s nice to see Activision not push for these microtransactions. Instead, they want Infinity Ward to just develop an amazing first-person shooter. Judging by initial reactions, they’ve done just that. It truly is one of the better FPS games out right now.