The Long-Awaited Duos Mode Is Coming To Apex Legends Next Week, According To Recent Announcement From Respawn Entertainment

The Long-Awaited Duos Mode Is Coming To Apex Legends Next Week, According To Recent Announcement From Respawn Entertainment
Credit: Cultured Vultures via YouTube

Apex Legends is riding high off its Season 3 update. It introduced a lot of new elements, including fire and icy landscapes, a new character, and improved gameplay. Respawn Entertainment has done an amazing job at listening to community feedback and improving areas that need it the most.

If they keep going on the trajectory they’re on, Apex Legends could be one of the best battle royale titles around much like Fortnite and PUBG. There’s another reason to celebrate if you play this realistic battle royale game as Respawn just announced its long-awaited duo modes is coming to the game.

It goes live on November 5, which a lot of users seem to be excited about. Instead of battling it out with a squad of three, this mode lets you go head to head with other teams of two. There’s something so special about competing with just another teammate.

It may be your closest mate or even a stranger. Even more critical-thinking and strategy is involved in duos modes, which is great if you’re up for a challenge. This duos mode has been a huge hit in the iconic Fortnite. It’s great that Apex Legends sees the opportunity in it and are finally trying it out. Respawn Entertainment didn’t say how like this mode would be available, but judging by community interest, it makes since that they would leave it in permanently.

If you haven’t played this battle royale game in a while, the addition of this new mode may be just enough to get you to return. It should provide a unique take on competing with others.

In addition to this new mode, there are a lot of other changes to look forward to. Most notably, the World’s Edge map is now live. It has a lot of great elements that will change the way you and your team play. For example, there’s a moving train on the map that can take you to different locations. It seems perfect for grabbing resources and then quickly taking them back to your squad.

Or, you could wage combat on the moving train for a novel experience that makes your battles even more intense. The new character Crypto also is a great addition worth checking out firsthand. He has a lot of unique skills, such as the ability to use surveillance drones to scout out the locations of enemies.

Based on all of these additions and improvements, Apex Legends is riding high on the momentum wave. Let’s see if Respawn can keep the wave going.