The Long-Awaited Borderlands 3 Teaser Is Possibly Here; Mayhem Is Coming

The Long-Awaited Borderlands 3 Teaser Is Possibly Here; Mayhem Is Coming
Credit: Jorge Figueroa via Flickr (license)

The Borderlands series has been instrumental for the looter-shooter genre. You could spend months completing missions, leveling up your characters, and exploring the unique environments. These games always give you so much value. The visuals are also distinct from others in the genre. There is so much satisfaction acquiring legendary weapons as well.

The last version, Borderlands 2, truly refined the RPG genre and won so many awards for its fantastic gameplay. It has been seven years since we’ve had a new Borderlands game, but the wait appears to be over. Gearbox Software, the developers of this series, has apparently confirmed Borderlands 3. They even released a short trailer for it, or at least, it appears that way.

In the trailer, there is no official Borderlands 3 title. However, the graphics and scenes we do see seem to point towards that direction. The footage starts out shifting from character to character. We see a female warrior, a majestic dragon, some sort of robot cyborg, another female shooting down flying creatures from a dune buggy, and a masked warrior holding up flaming pieces of wood depicting the iconic vault symbol.

The trailer concludes by showing the words, ‘Mayhem is Coming’. This couldn’t refer to anything else other than that Borderlands 3 is upon us.  It’s about time.

Although there wasn’t any actual gameplay footage shown in the teaser trailer, there are some major talking points. Most notably, there appears to be a new assortment of characters to choose from. The last Borderlands had some iconic characters, and it appears that this third installment will too.

Many believe more details regarding this game will come at the PAX East Panel, which is set to stream on March 28. It would be nice to see them officially confirm Borderlands 3 and possibly show actual gameplay footage.

What’s strange is that we don’t really know if the third installment will even be called Borderlands 3. CEO Randy Pitchford had this to say on the matter back in 2016, ‘’Obviously, there is going to be another Borderlands. We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that.”

It seems that the developers are keeping any hard details pretty close to the chest, at least until tomorrow. It’s not surprising because it builds hype and makes fans of the series that much more eager to tune in and learn what’s in store for the future. Either way, we should get some hard facts here pretty shortly.