Killing Floor 2 Is Now Free And On Sale Through The Steam Platform

Killing Floor 2 Is Now Free And On Sale Through The Steam Platform
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If you have a PC and visit the Steam store regularly, you’ll be happy to know that Killing Floor 2 can be played for free up until Friday. That’s two whole days of shooting and killing fun. Also, if you decide to purchase this first-person shooter – developed by Tripwire – you can save big.

There is a lot to love with this sequel to 2009’s Killing Floor. There is a total of 10 classes that you’ll have a chance to explore. Each is distinct and gives you a unique set of skills to master throughout each session.

The medic class is particularly fun to play with. In addition to have self-healing abilities, you can go around healing others who have been weakened. You feel like an integral part of each match. The demolition expert is also worth exploring, who has access to C4 and explosive pistols.

When you’re not getting accustomed to the different classes, you’ll enjoy killing different enemies with your friends. The co-op play is where this first-person shooter really shines. The online mode is a blast too, although there are only two modes.

What really stand out are the over-the-top visuals and music. They make you feel like you’re in an action-packed movie, where there’s no shortage of intense moments. As you progress through the different stages, you’ll be forced to take a more tactical approach. That’s mainly because ammo and resources are limited.

Even though Killing Floor 2 only has two bosses, they’re still pretty fun to take down. They have huge health bars and when they attack, they can cause devastating damage quickly. You’ll have to be quick on the trigger if you hope to be successful.

That’s not all Killing Floor 2 offers. Thanks to a recent update, you can now play Cyber Revolt. It’s a multiplayer mode that lets you take on the role of street ninjas and cyberpunks. The levels are dressed in neon lights, a unique visual that truly immerses you in this fantastic world. New weapons and levels have also been added in this update. There will even be new music to hear in the backdrop, as you’re taking down enemies left and right.

Now’s the perfect time to check out this game for free. If you like what you see, you can buy it for 67% off when you visit the Steam store. That’s quite a deal for such a fun and memorable first-person shooter.