The Infamous Hot Coffee Mod Has Been Built For Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Is Trying To Remove It

The Infamous Hot Coffee Mod Has Been Built For Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Is Trying To Remove It
Credit: RDRFR

There are occasions when following literally everything about PC gaming results in a couple of laughs at the expense of a developer, and this is one such moment.  A new mod has popped up on NexusMods for Red Dead Redemption 2 called Hot Coffee, and Rockstar has instantly begun to take legal action to attempt to get the mod removed.  Remember, mods are only okay for Red Dead Redemption 2 if Rockstar likes them, or else you’ll likely get slammed in the face with banal court hearings on esoteric actions while lawyers hem and haw at ancient statutes that were written well before computers were mainstream.

The mod name hearkens way back to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where players could participate in lewd activities with a girlfriend when their relationship meter reached a certain point.  It was originally cut from the game, but modders were able to find the mini-game and put it back in.

The event caused an outcry from everyone that doesn’t play videogames, a bunch of politicians got involved, and retailers vowed to never carry another Rockstar game again.  It was all a rather enjoyable event to watch.

The Hot Coffee mod brings it back into Red Dead Redemption 2, mini-game and all, although now you’re Arthur Morgan picking up ladies of the night from saloons rather than strolling for a date.

It’s all decidedly adult, although, without further actions taken from the player to place the entities in various states of undress, you’re currently looking at grown adults wrestling around on a bed while they grunt like they’re trying to pass a kidney stone.

This alone doesn’t constitute as news worthy; what is, is that Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are trying to bring a legal slapdown to the mod creator.  They’re claiming various infractions of the EULA, as the modder is modifying the software.  That’s against the EULA, apparently; modding is bad in the eyes of Take-Two.

It is deliciously absurd that a publisher and developer that continues to add prostitution into their Grand Theft Auto titles, along with that prostitution offering players special advantages for making use of them, have become so chagrined and disparaged that someone has done the same with Red Dead Redemption 2.  Yet another modder is being bullied by Take-Two’s overreaching desires to control every aspect of the created works.

Right now, the mod developer has no intent to remove the mod from NexusMods, despite vague warnings from stuffy suits.  What a bizarre situation.