The Indie Platformer Limbo Is Being Offered For Free For A Limited Time Through The Epic Games Store

The Indie Platformer Limbo Is Being Offered For Free For A Limited Time Through The Epic Games Store
Credit: Playdead via YouTube

Time and time again, the Epic Games Store comes through for PC gamers. The platform is constantly being improved, but most importantly, free gamers are offered quite consistently. This month, PC gamers can pick up the indie platformer Limbo for no charge. This deal is lasting for roughly a week, so now’s the time to act if you’re looking for a unique title to add to your collection.

Limbo first came out back in 2010 from the developers at Playdead. They’re an independent studio, and despite not having the backing like most AAA developers have, they’ve produced quite a fun and intriguing game. Unlike traditional platforming where you succeed a lot for the most part, the developers wanted users to fail.

The game even has the unique tagline, ‘Trial and Death.’ Sounds pretty ominous, but that pretty much rings true for Limbo. A lot of your decisions will result in an epic fail. Through critical-thinking and sometimes pure luck, you end up progressing through each stage. It’s a frustrating design at times, but when you do have success, you certainly feel a rush of excitement. This goes on throughout the game’s full run time.

Another unique aspect of this platformer is its black and white colors. Not many games use this color scheme, but the simplicity really plays well with the gameplay and ominous tones that are draped throughout. The sounds also have a minimal design, which actually help immerse you in this mysterious world. Same reviewers have classified Limbo as more art than a video game, which is pretty impressive considering the minimal funding the developers had when making the title.

Even the story is unique and compelling. As mentioned earlier, you control an unnamed boy. Not much is known about his backstory other than the fact that his sister is missing. He wakes up on the edge of hell, where he must progress through a forest filled with monsters and other characters.

It should be noted that this isn’t the longest game. It goes by pretty quick, especially if you have a history of playing puzzle-platformers like this one. Still, it’s a great game that will take you on an emotional journey. The visuals are superb, the score is well composed, and the difficulty will have you coming back for more. If you’re looking to spend a few hours solving puzzles and using your brain, Limbo is worth your time.