The Indie Adventure Game Decay Of Logos Releases Later In The Month On Steam; Looks Like The Latest Zelda Game

The Indie Adventure Game Decay Of Logos Releases Later In The Month On Steam; Looks Like The Latest Zelda Game
Credit: UTOMIK via YouTube

If you enjoyed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’re probably going to like Decay of Logos. It plays a lot like this iconic game for the Nintendo Switch, only it has its own unique flair.

It’s an adventure RPG game developed by Amplify Creations. Thanks to a release trailer announcement, we now know it’s heading to the Steam platform at the end of August. It seems like the perfect game if you’re up for a mysterious and epic adventure.

The game centers around a young warrior, Ada. Her home village is unfortunately destroyed by the Crimson Knights. They’re an evil force set on destroying anything that gets in the way of their rule.

Ada sets off on a journey of vengeance. Along the way to finding out more about the Crimson Knights, you’ll encounter all sorts of evil forces. Evil has taken over the lands, and if you’re not careful, it will consume you as well. You don’t have to go at enemies alone, though. You’ll have a trusty elk companion to help guide you through these perils.

From the trailer, it seems like there will be plenty of quests to go on in an open world. This design was heavily featured in the latest Zelda game. That’s probably where the comparisons come into play. Additionally, both games have pretty much the same visuals. They’re full of color and sort of have a cartoonish vibe.

Like Breath of the Wild, Decay of Logos is shot from a third-person perspective. It helps you easily see approaching enemies and lets you take in the beautiful sites in grand fashion. It’s important to note here that the combat is challenging. You won’t be able to hack and slash your way through the game.

Instead, you’ll need a more cerebral approach to defending and countering enemy attacks. In addition to the combat, there will be plenty of puzzles for you to solve. They should also be challenging at times and help change up the gameplay.

Going back to the elk companion, you’ll have the chance to bond with it throughout the game. Your relationship with it will be pivotal in the game’s later stages.

Overall, Decay of Logos seems like a fun game to add to your PC collection. It’s certainly a must-play title if you have been a fan of the Zelda games over the years. This game seems to match its successful elements quite nicely.