The Honor System Is Making Its Way To World Of Warcraft Classic Next Week, Phase Two Is Quickly Following Behind

The Honor System Is Making Its Way To World Of Warcraft Classic Next Week, Phase Two Is Quickly Following Behind
Credit: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic has been a massive success for Blizzard. It really shows that listening to the needs of fans can pay off in big ways. Phase 1 has some expected and unexpected bumps, but fans are still battling it out on each server. As communities form and guilds grow, everyone has been wondering what is next.

As of November 12, the PvP Honor System will be implemented to all servers. Players will finally be able to get credit for those hard-earned PvP kills. So gear up and start farming so that you can hold your own when the PvPers start coming. If you are one of those who love the call of battle, then be prepared as the ranks start rising, and the champions start filing to the top.

Before the release of this system, it is good to remember the details of how it works. This feature is prominent in the retail version of World of Warcraft, where every honorable kill increases your contribution points. These points are vital to determining your ranking, and every kill will increase your points and build towards your final rank.

Honorable kills are not the only way to gain contribution points. If you participate in Battleground objectives, the later phases will give you contribution points. This is a more efficient way to farm points as farming a player will gain you diminishing returns over the course of 24 hours.

Keep in mind that your ranking is calculated once per week. Even if you do not participate, your ranking will be drawn up and slowly decay. Since it is a measure of activity, make sure to do at least the bare minimum to keep your rank. More participation in world PvP and Battlegrounds will, of course, increase your rank.

Aside from simply feeling superior, you can get good gear based on your rank. Lower ranked players have access to accessories and trinkets where higher ranks get much more. Armor of superior quality and above are available if you rise high in the rankings. You can even get a mount if you’re at least rank 11, and as early as rank 2, you can get an insignia that removes debuffs from your character.

Be warned as dishonorable kills can dramatically impact your rank. You can acquire these by killing specially labeled NPCs of the opposing faction such as shopkeepers and quest NPCs. A single dishonorable kill can ruin your PvP career, so it is best to avoid them.

World of Warcraft Classic is available with the full subscription to the game. It is available for both Mac and Windows computers and simulates a full classic game experience. This is a good way to taste the game as it was during its initial launch.