The Holiday Max Raid Events Are Now Live In Pokemon Sword & Shield, Time To Catch A Delibird

The Holiday Max Raid Events Are Now Live In Pokemon Sword & Shield, Time To Catch A Delibird
Credit: Gamefreak

A new Wild Area event has started in Pokemon Sword and Shield, bringing the gift of, well, gifts to trainers. Players will be able to encounter the gift-giving Pokemon Delibird much more often in Max Raids for a limited time, and if you defeat it, you may even snag some extra rewards fit for the holiday season.

This event is running until December 26, so make sure to check back daily for your chance at this colossal bird. Delibird is a natural fit for this event as it is known for giving gifts to Pokemon and trainers alike. Although it is not in the meta or even, by some accounts, the most exciting Pokemon, there is still a ton of extra loot offered for those who want to get involved in the Raids.

Trainers who defeat the colossal Delibird will receive bonus candies than usual. There is also a good amount of Ice-type TRs to be found amongst the rubble. Gathering the bonus of either of these items can really help round out your team and get it ready for the competitive Pokemon world.

The TRs are, just like TMs, are single-use items that can teach your Pokemon new attacks. This makes them valuable when it comes to getting more obscure moves or going outside a Pokemon’s evolutionary standard.

Delibird is not the only Pokemon that will have an increased spawn. Until January 9, players are more likely to encounter Gigantamax versions of Butterfree and Snorlax. Sword players have a chance to find Gigantamax Drednaw and Sadnaconda, while the Shield players will have an increased spawn on Gigantamax Corviknight and Centiskorch.

The Pokemon Company is providing another freebie for Sword and Shield players. Until January 15, fans can receive a handful of rare Poke Balls via Mystery Gift. These Poke Balls make it easier to catch some of the tougher Pokemon by type matching or meeting some other minor criteria.

If you have not yet, time is running out to claim your free Gigantamax Meowth.  There are other free gifts available for owners of Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu. Make sure you collect all your free gifts before January 15.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. You can buy it in both a digital and physical form, and it is never to late to get involved in Max Raids. Many fans would recommend finishing the main story before attempting to solo the Raids, but with online play or even some friends, most players are able to take part in the holiday festivities.