Builder’s Journey Is A New Game For The Apple Arcade, Looks Like A Unique Lego Puzzle Adventure

Builder’s Journey Is A New Game For The Apple Arcade, Looks Like A Unique Lego Puzzle Adventure
Credit: Game Cipher via Youtube

A final game was able to be squeezed into the Apple Arcade just before entering the Holiday Season. Builder’s Journey is a surprise puzzle and adventure hybrid that comes from people at LEGO. The game is being developed by LEGO and puts the player’s creative problem-solving skills at the forefront of this mobile adventure.

Each level is a distinct diorama-like level that is small enough to fit on a single screen. This means no scrolling or pesky perspective issues getting in your way. You can rotate each level and get a different angle, but no matter how you twist it, the level continues to fit on the screen.

There are two main characters, each made from small LEGO pieces, who are on a journey to build. The game revolves around getting these two along on their journey into the next level, or simply bring them together so they can be friends. Some levels you need to build, others you need to solve, but no matter what you are playing with LEGOs.

The controls are a little strange. You do not control the characters directly, but instead, you create a path for them to get somewhere safely. This might be building a bridge, or putting together a ramp, or building a ladder. You do it your way as long as you continue to guide these two through each level.

As with any good puzzle game, things slowly get more complex. It is not long before you are operating strange machinery or putting together complicated solutions to puzzles. This is not seen as a bad thing as LEGOs are only limited by the user’s imagination. This game really encapsulates this concept for a mobile market.

The game tells its story through animation, gameplay, and context clues. There is no dialogue or narration driving the tale forward, pushing players to feel their way through it. Players must immerse themselves in the relaxing atmosphere and really engage with the characters to see the deeper narrative hidden below the blocks.

This is an official LEGO product, and as such, the controls can be a tad wonky at first. Blocks can be complicated to place, and sometimes things simply won’t pan out the right way. What really matters is that fans adapt to the challenge and make the game theirs. They must truly embrace the LEGO experience and find their way through the Builder’s Journey.  

This game is available right now for any users subscribed to the Apple Arcade. It is an iOS exclusive, and it seems like it will be a permanent addition to the mobile game streaming service.