The Highly Anticipated Skateboarding Sim Session Releases On September 17 Via Steam; Is Taking The Genre To New Heights

The Highly Anticipated Skateboarding Sim Session Releases On September 17 Via Steam; Is Taking The Genre To New Heights
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The skateboarding genre in gaming has its share of fanatics. It all started with the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. The franchise put skateboarding on the map when the sport, at the time, was still young in its development. Now, skateboarding is loved across the globe. It’s heavily featured at X-Games and is even coming to the Olympics. That wasn’t the case when skateboarding games first came out.

It’s quite impressive to see the genre form into what it is today. The latest franchise to take over the space was the Skate games. They were much more authentic compared to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles. Unfortunately, it seems like the franchise is dead in the water. This has left the door open for crea-ture Studios Inc. with their project, Session.

Ever since Session hit Steam’s Early Access, it started getting people in the industry buzzing. People loved the same authentic feel hat made the Skate series so popular. Hundreds of clips have come out of gamers hitting the perfect line with their skateboarding character. Nollie tre flips and late kickflips never looked so good in a video game.

Fans have waited patiently for an official release, and that countdown is just about over as the game hits Steam officially on September 17. If you’re a fan of skateboarding and extreme sports, that’s certainly cause for celebration. Session takes a different direction from others that have come before it.

Instead of focusing on goals and scoring as many points as possible, Session puts emphasis on the creativity of skateboarding. That’s what the sport is really all about when you get down to the bones. Skateboarding is a way for people to express themselves in real-life environments. Without this creativity, progression in the sport would have never occurred and then who knows where it would be today.

Another interesting feature of this game is its progressive one stick per foot control system. It ups the difficulty if you’ve never had the chance to get your hands on Session yet. The slightest wrong movements with either stick will result in a fail for whatever trick you’re trying to perform.

There is thus a lot of trial and error. Like real skateboarding, it takes some practice to learn a particular trick. This is particularly true when jumping onto objects like rails and ledges. That’s the beauty of Session, though. With a perfectly timed twist or flick, you’ll perform the trick you’ve been working for hours to nail down perfectly. Skateboarding has never felt this good in a video game.