The Final Free Update For Dragon Quest Builders 2 Has Will Be Released On August 20 And It Includes New Hairstyles And An Epilogue

The Final Free Update For Dragon Quest Builders 2 Has Will Be Released On August 20 And It Includes New Hairstyles And An Epilogue
Credit: Square Enix

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be receiving their final free update on August 20. Square Enix shared in a live stream that the update will include a new epilogue, additional hairstyles, weather changes, and multiple save files. This will make the game a lot more playable and unique as you can finally customize your favorite character with an epic style of your choice.

All of the content is being added behind the scenes for now, but when it is finally released, you will have to meet certain requirements to unlock every aspect of it. This is normal for games of this style and should be a familiar experience for fans of the first game.

To gain access to the epilogue, you will need to have unlocked a minimum of 45 builder recipes. Along with this you must complete all the scavenger hunts on Explorer’s Shors and have visited the land of Buildertopia at least once. If you have completed all of that, you will receive a special letter that will launch you into the epilogue.

You will also have additional weather options on the Isle of Awakening. Once you unlock all the recipes, obtained the Builder’s Eye, and talked to the glowing Hammerhood, you will have access to weather cards. To create these, you go to your Magic Workstation and you will see the option to create five cards that affect the weather.

These cares work rather simply and are named as Cloudy Card, Clear Card, Rain Card, Snow Card, and Storm Card. Each card will change the weather to the associated pattern and allow you direct access to how the weather looks in your world.

In addition to weather and an epilogue, you can also now customize your hair with four new styles. These new hairdos are for both male and female characters, but they are not unisex. This means that you will have gender-specific options depending on what you decided upon at character generation.

Like other headwear, you cannot wear adornments on top of your new hairstyle, but there are some new options beyond the restricted ‘pigtails or spikes’ choice that was originally available. To access these new styles, you must complete the “Let’s Make a Room for the Villagers” builder recipe.

This update will be live on August 20 and be free to all owners of Dragon Quest Builders 2. For more information on the next update, you can watch the live stream. Reddit has been busy translating the contents to English, so that is a good place to look for some more simple answers.