The Final Big Baddie In World Of Warcraft’s Latest Update Goes Down After Ten Day Fight Between Top Guilds

The Final Big Baddie In World Of Warcraft’s Latest Update Goes Down After Ten Day Fight Between Top Guilds
Credit: Traxium via YouTube

In the world of extreme gameplay, there are those who have climbed to the top and then there’s everybody else. Pray you never have to know the shame of being “everyone else.” Because if you do end up falling into that category, the world is going to be a lot more rough with you. This means less gaming opportunities, less fun, and all of the rest.

That is exactly what happened with the last World of Warcraft big boss fight. We are talking about a baddie so big, it ended up taking some of the game’s best guilds ten days to bring down this behemoth. That is one major boss if you know what I mean. All of this begs the question: If you are not one of these big old mega fans, then what ends up happening for the rest of us?

If you think about it, there are video gamers out there who have these things called jobs, and they cannot dedicate all of their time to playing a video game for days on end. But here we are, the market demands it, and so Blizzard has decreed the markets will be done.

We live in this kind of society, and if you are against it, well, sadly there is nothing to be done. But anyway, here all of the details of the fiasco that just went down on one of the world’s most powerful MMORPGs.

This boss, who is known as the most powerful beast Ny’alotha, comes with their own mythic difficulty. And it is one hell of a fight if you know what I mean. These guilds had to end up taking shifts, hitting the boss with what they had while they ran off and went AFK for a little bit to get the needed rest and food intake to survive in the real real world.

Then they would come back and start it all over again. All of this was done in pursuit of honor and glory, but in the end, was it all worth it? Not according to some.

Apparently, Ny’alotha ended up dying a very glitchy death. This is pretty embarrassing and just not really all that enjoyable if you ended up putting all your time and energy into taking this big beasty down. So where exactly did things go wrong? Well, we will have to ask Blizzard about that. Let’s all hope gamers do not rise up and demand more from their favorite MMORPGs in the meantime.