The Epic Games Store Is Offering Layers Of Fear: Masterpiece Edition For Free

The Epic Games Store Is Offering Layers Of Fear: Masterpiece Edition For Free
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There are a lot of great horror games being discounted thanks to the Halloween season. This iconic holiday is just a couple of days away, and to celebrate, gaming platforms are treating its fans to some great savings. One of the more prominent Halloween deals going on currently is from the Epic Games Store. You can now get Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition for zero charge.

That’s an amazing offer you don’t want to let fall by the wayside. This is particularly true given that Layers of Fear is the perfect title to celebrate this Halloween season. You see, it’s a first-person psychological thriller. It’s a more narrative experience, where you go around a seemingly haunted mansion searching for clues as to what happened to its former inhabitants.

The game came out back in 2016 and even to this day, it’s one of the better narrative horror experiences available on the marketplace. Players take on the role of a painter, who’s trying to finish his Magnum Opus. As he explores the mansion, its elements constantly change.

One minute, there could be nothing in a portrait and then when you come back by a couple of minutes later, there could be graphic scenes. These sort of visuals always keep gameplay fresh as you really don’t know what sort of ghostly visions you’ll run into next. The developers at Bloober Team SA did an amazing job with the atmosphere.

The moment you step foot inside this seemingly never-ending mansion, you feel a heavy sense of gloom. Something terrible happened here, you just know it. The details in the mansion are also intricate, from the shadows cast by lighted candles to the grain of the wood floors. These details help immerse you in an grimy mansion, and so does the first-person perspective.

It’s not often you get to explore a Victorian setting like this. You just want to take everything in. You truly feel like you’ve traveled back in time when times where simpler. You also never really feel like you have a firm grasp on sanity. Are the visions you see as the painter real or just a delusional state, signifying a descent into madness? That’s what you’ll get to discover in Layers of Fear.

The fact that Epic Games is offering this game for free on their platform is downright amazing to see. This is honestly one of those games worth the full price of admission. Additionally, it’s the Masterpiece Edition — which includes even more content like the Inheritance DLC.