The Elder Scrolls: Blades 1.6 Update Includes Custom Loadouts And More

The Elder Scrolls: Blades 1.6 Update Includes Custom Loadouts And More
Credit: Elder Scrolls Blades Official Website

Bethesda continues to support the Elder Scrolls series through The Elder Scrolls Online and the mobile title, Blades. The mobile title recently received update 1.6, which includes custom loadouts, a frequent user-requested feature.

Bethesda discussed the new updates on their official website along with a video.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a free-to-play first-person RPG specifically for mobile devices, but has since been released on consoles. Players can create a custom character and go on single-player quests to complete the story, create and customize a city, plus battle online.

The new update specifically targets players who love engaging in PvP battles. Players can now create up to five custom sets of equipment. Gamers can switch between their loadouts in both single-player and PvP modes.

Loadout functionality varies depending on where the character is. In single-player mode, players can switch out their loadout at any time. In PVP, players can switch out loadouts at the end of each match.

Custom loadouts can be customized so players can access them faster. Players can set custom icons, names, and background colors to easily spot the loadout they need in the heat of battle.

A few changes were made to enemies and bosses. Boss cutscenes can now be toggled off in the settings menu.

Also included in the update are how some enemies appear in the game. Smaller groups of enemies now appear more frequently and in larger packs.

Enemy groups have also been altered to fit the lore of the game. Previously, some enemies appeared together that didn’t make sense from a lore-perspective but still presented a challenge.

After defeating those groups of enemies, players can now send all collected chests to their chest inventory.

Update 1.6 comes after 1.5, which included forming and growing Guilds. In a guild, other players can help their teammates grow their cities and trade items. After the update, more than 20,000+ guilds were formed.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades was announced for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, but it is still in progress. Bethesda announced the Nintendo Switch version was coming in 2020 but did not announce a release window.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is available now on iOS and Android. Although the game is free-to-play, there are some in-app purchases.