The Developers Of Outlast Just Teased Their Next Project, Which Seems To Be Horror-Inspired And Possibly Outlast 3

The Developers Of Outlast Just Teased Their Next Project, Which Seems To Be Horror-Inspired And Possibly Outlast 3
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Outlast series has had a positive impact on the survival-horror genre overall in gaming. These games feature compelling stories, unique visuals, and creepy entities to vanquish. It has been a couple of years since the last game in the series — Outlast 2 — came out. Red Barrels has since taken a break, but it appears they’re resuming their work on some kind of horror project.

They teased a picture of this latest project on Twitter, saying an announcement was coming soon. There isn’t really much to make of the visuals. All we really see are two hands connected. The color scheme is gray and black, which definitely paints a horror vibe and certainly has an Outlast vibe to it.

If you go back and look at the cover pictures of both games, they have a black and gray color palette as well. Thus, it makes since that they could be picking up the Outlast series with a trilogy. If they do, then horror fans could be in store for a treat.

Red Barrels always seems to manage to improve upon these games each time they come out. It may be improvements with the mechanics, visuals, or overall story.

It should be noted that if this is Outlast 3, it may not be a direct sequel. Red Barrels has gone on record saying this back a couple of years ago in a social media post on Facebook. They did, however, say a third game would take place in the Outlast universe. Thus, it makes sense that it would have the same vibe and ideas.

Hopefully, Red Barrels goes on record soon to confirm or deny this trilogy. Based on their past statements and visuals in the teaser picture, it’s pretty safe to assume Outlast 3 is on the way. That’s good news if you’ve followed along this series ever since the beginning.

Going back to the picture, the two hands could symbol a connection between two partners. Maybe they’re braving otherworldly forces and in order to prevail, they must stick together. The theme of love conquers all hasn’t quite been portrayed in this franchise, so that’s a great direction the developers could go in.

If this upcoming project isn’t Outlast 3, then it still seems like it will be a survival-horror game. That’s the best theory, at least. Hopefully, Red Barrels doesn’t keep us in the dark for too much longer. Either way, it’s apparent they’ve got the gaming community buzzing.